Tag: Sandpoint


  • The Sandpoint Cathedral

    An extensive civic project almost five years in the making, the grand Sandpoint Cathedral is a multi-denominational church designed to venerate six of the prime Gods worshipped in Varisia. It was built after the original Sandpoint chapel burnt down during …

  • The Rusty Dragon

    The oldest inn in Sandpoint, also locally known as the "Adventurer's Inn" as it's run by an ex-adventurer named [[:ameiko-kaijitsu-15 | Ameiko Kaijitsu]] who often offers discounts to those who tell exciting tales of danger.

  • the Late Unpleasantness

    Five years ago a whole bunch of bad crap went down: * A local psycho named *Jarvis Stoot* (or as his crimes began to mount, "Chopper") went on a rampage and murdered a whole bunch of people, including *Ulric's* mentor, [[:casp-averton | Casp Averton]]. …