Kirin's Rise of the Runelords

First Session

First day of Autumn

Sandpoint was celebrating its Swallowtail festival with the consecration of its new Cathedral, and many pilgrims and visitors had traveled to the seaside town to observe the event.

Arda (Nicole’s cleric) and Dereth (Graydon’s sorcerer) had arrived several days ago, meeting up with Max’s fighter Ulric, whom Dereth was acquainted with through his sister. Dereth had gotten notification that his friend Emrael was due to sail in in the morning of the festival so the three of them met her at the docks and introductions were made.

The adventurers made their way up to the noon release of the Swallowtail butterflies and took advantage of the free lunch offered by the various taverns and inns around town, Ulric taking them to the local Adventurer’s Inn known as The Rusty Dragon. The companions got to know each other pretty well over food and drink and found some kinship in their current circumstances.

  • Arda is hoping to submit her services to the Desnan faith at the new Cathedral.
  • Dereth is hoping to reconnect with his half-sister, Shalelu Andosana, who apparently has asked him for help.
  • Ulric is looking for some sort of purpose or direction after the brutal death of his mentor five years ago during the Late Unpleasantness.
  • Emrael has traveled to Sandpoint for “secret druidic concerns”.

As dusk approaches, the companions returned to the open square in front of the Cathedral to witness the Consecration Prayers. Father Abstalar Zantus sets off a thunderstone to call the audience to attention and begins the ceremony. It is at this point that Ulric’s dog Tyrex begins barking and growling, and soon screams can be heard coming from up the streets. Suddenly goblins appear, attempting to set buildings on fire and scaring and panicking the villagefolk.

Burnt offerings cover detail
The heros break into action, both using quick magic to prevent arson as well as driving back and fighting the goblins, covering a mass retreat of villagers as they seek shelter in the Cathedral. The goblins are poorly organized and easily distractible despite being no less vicious, murdering both a village woman and a poor manservant.

Dereth leads the rescue of a visiting nobleman named Aldern Foxglove and the party ends up facing off with a vicious goblin warrior riding what can only be described as a diseased, hairless dire rat. Foxglove is deeply appreciative and all but demands that he treats the adventurers to dinner the following day.

Thanks in part to some pyrotechnic effects cast by Dereth, the goblin attack breaks and begins fleeing, running up through the gates to be cut down by guards or jumping off the sea cliffs below. The party, Ulric especially, begins mobilizing to pursue them into the night, with the druid Arda and Tyrex tracking goblins only to find that they’ve dispersed and split up to flee to various parts of the Sandpoint Hinterlands. The group decides to run southeast through the farmlands and check in on Ulric’s homestead. Everything seems safe, with various farmsteaders out on patrol. The attack seems to have been centered on Sandpoint.

Arda and Ulric rest at the farmstead with Emrael and Dereth returning to town for a little evening investigation, Dereth especially curious about rumors that the north gate’s guard was distracted by a “mysterious nobleman” during the attack.

The next day, a far more somber consecration ceremony is held at the Cathedral, and the party discovers that the entire goblin attack may have been a diversion for a for more sinister purpose: the graverobbing of the body of Ezakien Tobyn, the old high priest of Sandpoint who perished during the Late Unpleasantness. What evil ends could such a deed be pursuing?


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