Kirin's Rise of the Runelords

Second Session

Aftermath of the Goblins

This was a short session, as people were tired and we were missing Denys and his druid.

Arda (Nicole’s Cleric) and Ulric (Max’s fighter) return to Sandpoint the morning after the festival to take stock of the town’s recovery from the goblin raid over the next several days. Arda takes part in a much more subdued consecration ceremony for the cathedral and secures herself a position as an acolyte of the temple, receiving access to some living quarters and charging herself with the task of unraveling the mystery of the graverobbing of the temple’s previous priest.

Dereth (Graydon’s Sorcerer) is concerned about his sister (a ranger who nominally takes on the task of protecting and informing the hinterlands from monstrous threats of the wilderness) and Denys’ druid Emrael elects to search for her and packs her things and leaves. Dereth then decides to get a little investigative with the city watch and ask around about the rumor of the North Gate being unattended at the command of a local aristocrat. He uncovers that a note was delivered to the Guard on watch supposedly from Lonjiku Kaijitsu, head of one of the four major mercantile families of Sandpoint, and also the father of the Rusty Dragon’s proprietess. However he suspects that the note was a red herring, and no one seems to know who actually delivered it.

Arda and Ulric meet up with Dereth as he’s leaving the City Watch building, only to find a local housewife running towards them in hysterics, carrying a baby and with a young boy in tow. She claims her son has been having nightly visions of goblins ever since the raid and that the family dog suddenly went wild and she’s worried that her husband is hurt at the house. Her son has goblin-ish bitemarks on his arm, and so the party quickly follows her back to her house.

The house seems empty at first, but moving into the boy’s room they see the dog stabbed by a knife into the floorboards, and the husband on the floor halfway inside the closet. They move closer to investigate when the body suddenly begins twitching and scraping across the doorframe, and pulling him back and free they find the flesh around his face and shoulders partially eaten and a half-starved goblin charges out of a hole in the floor of the closet and attacks. He is summarily crushed, but the scene is still a grisly one and the family falls apart upon discovery of the tragedy. Ulric does a pretty thorough search underneath the house but finds nothing else.

As temple acolytes and the sheriff show up to deal with the body and comfort the family, the party becomes nervous that the goblin threat is not entirely eradicated. The Sheriff admits that they have found occasional goblin bodies (usually mangled by dogs or killed by their own clumsiness) around town since the raid but nothing this serious. At that point a local half-orc garbagesweep grumbles a bit about always seeing goblins down at the trash-heap, and Ulric gets a bit of a nervous feeling at the back of his neck as he looks up at the Old Light, a towering ruin on the edge of the cliff over town.

They do some poking around in the tower ruins but don’t find much (the ruins have been often explored and picked through by most of the town’s youngsters for generations now anyway) and then consult the local sage who lives next to it. The sage is a bit of a crackpot and begins rattling off all sorts of theories about the tower being some sort of ancient magical war machine ages ago when the magical Thassilonian Empire was at its height. He shows them pictures but most of the history seems speculative at best.

Ulric decides to spend the night watching the garbage heap from the rocks underneath the Old Light, looking for more goblin incursions, and a cold and damp night huddling under the shadows proves fruitless and a little frustrating. The party returns to the Rusty Dragon to eat and bathe and catch up on sleep.

Pzo9049 ameiko Pzo9050 shalelu
The next day, the party is alerted that Shalelu and Emrael have returned to Sandpoint and are invited to a meeting with the Town Mayor, the Sheriff and Father Zantus. Shalelu apologizes for being unable to inform the town of the impending attack in time and expresses renewed interest in figuring out what organizing force was behind the raid. Sheriff Hemlock announces his plans to ride to Magnimar and recruit help from the protection supposedly offered by the city, but is concerned that it will take a few days. The Mayor asks the party to stay in town and act as protection.

Shalelu is excited to see her half-brother Dereth again but apologizes for leaving so soon to more thoroughly pinpoint the source of the raids. She promises to return and recruit the party’s help before taking any direct action, of course. Before she leaves she joins the party for a grand dinner with her friend Ameiko at the Rusty Dragon, and regails them with information about the local goblin tribes.


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